Rancho Cordova, CA (and online everywhere)

Biblical principles first—then practical application

  • We first study the Scriptures, striving to understand the biblical principles of what the church is, what the church does, and how. Then we seek to wisely and faithfully apply these biblical principles in our cultural context.
  • We guard against sacred cows. We don’t blindly follow church traditions—no matter how familiar or comfortable, and we won’t uncritically adopt new trends or innovations—no matter how cool or appealing.
  • We guard against both complacency and the perception of success. We passionately seek to be and do everything God has for us to be and do, but we won’t sacrifice real and ongoing witness, growth and maturity for what seems impressive now.
  • We don’t seek change for the sake of change, but we’ll reevaluate and change any ministry practice or method to be more biblical and, thus, more genuinely effective.