Fair Oaks, CA

A new beginning for The Orchard . . .

The last few years have been hard on Christians and churches. We know the mission for Christ’s church remains the same, but some have been struggling with the idea of going back to church business as usual. We’re replanting The Orchard, seeking to faithfully pursue the mission God has for us in a way that meaningfully connects with the culture around us, and effectively helps believers grow and mature as genuine followers of Jesus Christ.

So what kind of church is The Orchard? Here’s a very brief description of what you might find distinctive about us:

  • Church life that feels more like a gathering of friends and family than a formal service.
  • Acoustic style, genuine worship that’s centered on praise, prayer and meaningful reflection.
  • Systematic, in-depth, multigenerational study of Scripture that’s always interactive — any questions are welcome!
  • Leadership by a team of pastors, with training for those who want to serve in ministry and leadership.
  • Faithfully living out unchanging biblical church principles in ways that are fresh and engaging to today’s culture.

To show just one example of how these principles can affect how we do church, here’s our previous meeting place:

This isn’t what we look like at the moment. We’re currently meeting each Sunday evening as a simple Bible study and fellowship. (We’re meeting in a room at Living Hope Community Church in Fair Oaks. See below for location and time.) But we’re focused on relaunching as a fully functioning church very soon.

If this intrigues you or sounds like something you might want to be part of, please continue on to our homepage, read our statement of beliefs, or check out a more extensive description of our church DNA. Feel free to contact us at info@orchardonline.org with any questions. We’d love to talk with you!